Meet Avec Amour’s Mixologist & CEO

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

HELLO.....My name is Tiffanye..... I am the founder and CEO of Avec Amour. Before starting Avec Amour, I was in the financial industry for almost 20 years in New York City... aka “The City That Never Sleeps”.

My job was my life and I loved it because I loved what I did. I worked constantly, even planned my work week on the weekends. I always had my phone on me and took calls at all hours, literally from when I woke up in the morning. I worked late hours, had an awesome boss and loved every minute of it! Especially my last job, and I’ve always been blessed with amazing friends, co-workers, co-workers turned friends, friends of friends, relatives..... you get it!.....

After getting married and then becoming parentswe took a long hard look at our work:home life ratio. We decided to steer our lives in a different direction and moved from New York City to Georgia. Being a parent changes your outlook on life and we decided that we wanted something different for our children.

Then two years later our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum. Becoming a parent requires sacrifice on so many levels, and the joy filled event of being a parent, does not come without it’s challenges, by any means. This diagnosis propelled my decision to become a stay at home mom. My goal was to be readily available for any needs and appointments..... a HUGE change in our lifestyle.

Being a Woman of Caribbean descent, a Brooklyn, NY Native .... and Now a new stay at home mom, I knew I had to take the reigns when it came to my new family, our new financial situation and our skin care needs.

We tried almost every infant lotion, soap, cream, oil, oils mixed with creams.... It was all a very temporary fix!  I decided to take matters into my own hands and create something healthy for our newborns' skin, safe and sustainable.  Because nothing else moisturized and lasted more than 1-2 hours.

Hence about six years ago...

I began creating a lot of our own Skin Care at home. I mostly stuck with creating the items that we used a lot of and often. Amongst them were lotions for the face and skin, body oils, body washes, and hair masks. It was a new necessity for my family. If I didn’t make it, I tried to stay with most of the Clean brands. Brands that used minimal ingredients minimal additives/preservatives, ingredients that I could pronounce.

My main goal was to stay away from a lot of the chemicals and additives.... anything that I thought that could affect my family and our skin. Tricks and tips that I learned from my Mother’s own personal search to being healthy and living a healthier lifestyle aided in this journey of discovery. Anything I could do to personally take control and alleviate products that would have negative side effects on our lives and on our skin, I would.

I’m normally a private person, especially when I comes to my personal life and family. Us, as parents are our children’s Only protectors... but, I decided to share this part of my journey because it’s the main reason I decided to become an entrepreneur.

I’ve met and personally know so many amazing entrepreneurs!

Some who have tried and tried again at various different businesses. Some who have tried and failed. Some who have done it amazingly & successfully, then decided to go back into the workforce! Some who are doing amazing and successful and are still killing it today! I wanted to be amongst the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, and do it amazing! (I think amazing is my descriptive word of the day!)

I decided to write about it… a Caribbean descent, female, stay-at-home, entrepreneur because hearing my journey might inspire someone else! All ages are welcome! Blogs written by women in business are a great way to learn from other female entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for inspiration, advice, or a community of leaders to bond with, blogs are great place to start!

So,that is how Avec Amour Skincare was born!

Avec Amour (With Love), from our house to yours! Avec Amour believes in our Fresh Handmade products. Encouragd by family members and friends is how it all came to you. The sensorial natural lotions, oils, face serums and scrubs will leave you falling in love with your skin over and over again. I wanted to share my at home skincare successes with the world. Plus I’m still exploring and crafting new recipes for ALL OF US!

Whether you are on the go, or have Avec Amour as part of your daily routine, our products suite all lifestyle and life’s changes to our skincare. Avec Amour.... When your package arrives, you might even wish to take a day off from work, so you can have your own personal spa day at home!100% custom blended with only the purest oils, naturally grown herbs, and botanicals.

No Sulfates

No Petrochemicals

No Synthetic emulsifiers

No Alcohol

No Artificial colors

No Mineral oil

No Artificial fragrances

Seeking a natural approach to skincare? Our products are handmade in small batches using 100% natural plant seed oils and butters blended with essential oils. Check out one of the best anti aging serums, Et tu Rosé 24K Rose Gold Serum for immediate changes to your skin. AVEC AMOUR.... We Love Your Skin!



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